New spray gun ECCO 72AS

30 augusti 2018 09:32

Meet the 72AS! Duplicating the performance of E75AP but in a more cost-effective package. The Ecco 72AS feature exceptional robustness, performance and durability for heavy industrial use. It comes with a sturdy stainless-steel base plate and optional fluid circulation to the nozzle. All the benefits of Ecco’s design experience in a high end but still affordable industrial spray gun.

* Stainless Steel gun body and mounting plate
* Compact gun in a light weight design
* Ecco’s advanced industrial air caps and fluid nozzle design
* Exchangeable aluminum air distributor
* Easy to flush and to keep clean
* Easy to install on fixed positions or reciprocators
* Fast and repeatable opening and closing time
* Easy and reliable with one screw gun-to-base assembly
* Fluid circulation available up to nozzle
* Extended lifetime and low spare part consumption
* Minimal number of components reduce parts inventory
* With optional ”Click” or ”Micrometric” needle stroke controls