Spraying on wooden products

In the woodworking industry, both low and high-pressure spray painting is used. The choice of method is very flexible and depends on paint type, requested output capacity and paint layer thickness, but also what kind of method the painter is used to and personal preferences. When larger quantities of paint are to be sprayed in thick layers, airless or 2-Mix might be suitable. For spraying of long series with infrequent color changing an alternative spray gun like Ecco 380A or 380AA is often the best alternative, especially on robot lines. Ecco 320A can be easily and efficiently mounted on reciprocator lines.

Ecco has gained long experience in the wood market, for example, painting kitchen cabinets, case goods, office furniture and store fixtures. For painting on wood in small series, frequent changes, touch-up work and edge-spraying, manual low-pressure equipment (both conventional and HVLP) is used. Spraying with automatic low-pressure spray guns, like Ecco60AS, 65AS, 70AS or 75AP is used for robot applications and in automatic spraying machines for spraying stain on profile stripes and surfaces with edges.

Ecco High Efficiency is the best choice for all applications of low viscosity fluids on wood surfaces. By combining very high transfer efficiency, even at high productivity rate, and perfect finishing, Ecco High Efficiency, a spraying method that can be used with every Ecco low-pressure spray gun, manual or automatic, has demonstrated its performance. Automotive class finishing, even on effect colors, combined with significant material savings (up to 20% compared to the best air assisted airless solutions on the market), are putting Ecco High Efficiency as a leading technology for your wood coating applications.

Spray paint on chair