Painting of plastic components

More and more components in our modern world are made of plastic materials and the quality demands for the finish of these parts are very high. Ecco uses the same technology for spraying paint on plastic details as for spraying paint on cars, with the automatic spray guns Ecco 70AS and Ecco 75AP equipped with the Ecco air caps, proven to give a consistently high quality.

We offer:

  • Highest product quality
  • Best in class finishing
  • Ultimate reliability
  • Better transfer efficiency
  • Short payback time

Automatic spray painting - automotive

Automatic spray painting - automotive

With “precision industry”, we refer to decorative coating of small, often high value quality objects where final appearance is crucial. To accomplice this finish, overspray must be minimized.

Paint lines are commonly spindle lines or reciprocators although an increasing number of robot lines are entering the market. Often referred to as “plastic industry”, processes are similar, but with material suck as metal, plastic, composites or glass. Ecco’s extensive knowhow in the automotive industry has been utilized to fine tune precision coating, initially in the demanding 3C market (Computer, Communication and Consumer electronics industries). The renown automotive spraygun Ecco 70AS started the trend. It was soon followed by the compact Ecco 75AS. It’s small size and improved atomization is optimal for decoration of small objects.

Next generation sprayguns, Ecco 51AS, Ecco 52AS and Ecco 72AS carried on the tradition in an even more cost-efficient package. Nozzle extensions i.e. for internal painting of perfume bottles, are also part of the product offerings from Ecco.

The ultimate stability of the paint supply lines from Ecco is globally proven. High performance, extremely accurate regulators optimize the process stability. Hence improved finishing quality and reduced waste. Color changers and customer specific 2K-systems complete the product offerings from Ecco Finishing.

Contact your local Ecco Finishing representative to design your optimal process line.

Automatic spray painting - consumer plastic parts

By pre-setting and locking the parameters for air and paint the output quality will be stable and precise.