Spraying of cosmetics

16 maj 2016 12:10

Ecco has developed the optimal product combination for the cosmetic application market, using Ecco 75AP gun, paint regulator Ecco FlowCol 06AP and Ecco PSU-unit. This is used in plastic industry for caps of make-up, perfume bottles in glass industry, and high value loudspeaker and mobile phones. The design of E75AP makes it possible to spray closer to the conveyor, minimizes quantity of paint inside the gun and reduces time for flushing. Nozzles 0.3-1.1mm are used with the same paint needle and the Ecco air caps enables work with water born, solvent or UV paint.
ECCO Flow Col 06AP is the perfect regulator to use with the ECCO gun, with all wetted parts in stainless steel, it will give the right flow and amount of paint needed even at low volume of paint since the ratio 1:1 the high precision will be reached with it. The design of the internal paint channels is optimized to avoid any cavities inside where paint can stick. The ECCO PSU is a complete ”plug-and-play” paint supply and with this you can supply as much as 8 guns on a close or open loop. Read more about the Ecco solution for COSMETICS PACKAGING in the specific folder on our web page (download/catalogues). Please contact us for more information.