New extension nozzles

17 maj 2017 12:00

Ecco is now proud to present it’s first solutions of the new complete extension program, to meet the most common but demanding requirements from the market. These extensions fit directly on the latest Ecco spray gun models, both om Ecco 75AP, Ecco 68AS and Ecco 51AS. For all extensions the needle closes at the tip for sharp and precise open/close response.

The following 3 types are now presented:

Ecco LP Ext 90 XS - This extensions allows to spray low vicosity fluids inside bottles or other small diameter cylinders. The spraying angle covers the side, but also the bottom and the upper shoulders of the bottle if any. The outer diameter of the extension allows it to dive into small bottles or vials, while the fan has been designed to match most applications. The perfect fil when object to spray is installed on a spinning jig.

Ecco LP Ext 360 XS - A 360° spraying nozzle allows this thin extension to spray low viscosity fluids inside non-spinning objects. The high performance provided by the advanced nozzle design allows excellent atomization and finishing quality.  

Ecco LP Ext 360 XL - Spraying medium viscosity fluids, with medium flow, with the very best atomization, this 15mm diameter versatile extension offers a wide range of possibilities to the user. It has
proven its efficiency on highly demanding applications where top finishing quality and perfect coating thickness distribution were required. The needle closes at the tip for sharp and precise open/close response.