New baseplate and needle control

29 augusti 2016 13:35

In addition to all combinations already offered for the Ecco 68AS, a new baseplate has been developed for the 3C* industry (6004 0349 02).
This very compact base plate features various attachment options (removable bar holder, screws for both sides). It’s exclusively developed for remote fan control. Paint connections In/out can be installed from bottom or plate sides to adapt to all setups. It also comes with a tool free attachement screw to the gun.
The brand new High Precision Micrometric (HPM) needle controller is also now available for the most accurate flow adjustments (6004 0349 10). Specially suitable for all application requiring good precision where the use of a Flow Col is not acceptable by the customer.
Now making the Ecco 68AS the most versatile Ecco gun ever !