Luxary leather painted by ECCO

05 februari 2019 16:07

France Tanneries is a manufacturer of finished leather skins for French luxury hand bags. Their quality demands are very high as the manufacturing process and dyes used are expensive.

In 2011, France Tanneries converted its luxury goods line to include Ecco HVLP spray guns (Ecco 65AS Pro-Leather). The spray line is mixing both solvent borne and water borne materials adding to the complexity of keeping the spray guns in good working condition. The best solution to minimize spare parts consumption is to use leather packings. After six years of heavy use, the original spray guns are still in use w/o a single spare part ever needed! Contributing to this success is good training of the maintenance crew and best practice of air cap and nozzle cleaning.

The project responsible at France Tanneries, with over 30 years of finishing experience, state:

“After this long-term test in one spray booth, we can confirm zero cost for maintenance of Ecco equipment. Beyond this, the reliability of the line has been perfect. Not a single production stop due to spray guns in six years! This surpasses any previously used spraying equipment. A 20% confirmed savings in material further makes the decision to switch the whole factory to Ecco guns an easy decision. In addition, the much lower spraying pressure significantly reduces the overspray and need for spray booth maintenance”.

With the above in mind, we expect a very short return on investment, consistent products and better production planning with high quality goods as the end result. Ecco HVLP spray guns perform best with an air pressure ranging from 0.4 to 0.7 bar providing excellent finishing results and great savings. Similar reliable guns are used in plastics, ceramics and automotive with proven fantastic results!

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