Ecco web tool for selection of your perfect spray gun

20 april 2018 10:20

The more spray gun alternatives you have, the easier it is to find the perfect match for your application. The challenge is to make the correct choice. To make the right choice requires both knowledge about your own unique production process, surrounding equipment, ultimate finishing specification, and most important, the understanding about how spray guns can help you reach your target.

On the global finishing market there are numerous spray gun manufacturers, and each of them carry a wide range of different gun types, accessories and options. One way to select gun type is, of course to buy, test and compare them all. However, this method is both time consuming and expensive. To simplify the gun selection process, Swedish spray gun developer and manufacturer Ecco Finishing AB has created a four-step solution:

1.      By industry, specifying and clarifying each spray gun’s characteristics and best use.

2.      Increasing the product range by adding spray guns that can fulfil the most demanding and diverse requirements.

3.      Making sure the spray guns use compatible accessories (such as nozzles, air caps, needle stroke controls).

4.      Developing a unique digital tool to help the user to easily identify the optimal solution.

The first version of Ecco’s web tool is now available for automatic spray guns selection in low pressure applications. Start the selection by type of industry, and production process and the best spray gun will be recommended to you on tablet, phone or computer

By selecting the technically best type of spray gun and correctly installing it will save paint, compressed air, speed up the cleaning and flushing process and over all ensuring a better work environment in the paint shop. Additional benefits are lower spare parts usage and less unplanned production stops.