Ecco 68AS ProZinc

01 december 2015 10:37

A special type of primer, often used in the ship building industry, is inherently difficult to spray as the zinc immediately adhere to all metal surfaces and consequently clog a conventional spray gun. After the customer tried a number of existing guns with insufficient results, Ecco Finishing was challenged to come up with a spray gun that would meet all criteria. The solution for spraying zinc material is Ecco 68 ProZinc where all wetted parts are made of a special plastic material. The outer metallic parts of the gun body are anodized with a non-stick material preventing the zinc from binding to the surface. In addition, dual paint channels allow for internal paint circulation preventing the zinc from solidifying when the spraying is interrupted.

Peter Krantz, R&D Engineer at Ecco Finishing conclude: “We specialize in adapting Ecco products to specific customer’s needs, and to solve application problems which may occur for example when spraying aggressive materials, or when spraying in confined spaces. Since we are a relative small and very flexible organization, we can quickly respond to difficult request’s and alter a standard product or develop a new solution according to unique requirements.”