Ecco 52AS - the new light spray gun

05 september 2017 11:21

Optimizing weight and capacity to its best, while maintaining performance, durability and reliability was the great challenge that lead to the new Ecco 52AS. All Stainless Steel Ecco 52AS comes mounted on a high durability solvent resistent plastic base plate allowing quick connection and easy versatile line mounting. With a total weight of only 465g and a length of 10 cm, it’s truly a compact high performance gun, at a compact price. The outstanding performance and value is a further sign of Ecco’s innovative approach. Examples of applications: Precision Industry (plastics) and general industry.


* Extremely compact and light weight
* Ecco’s advanced air caps and fluid nozzle design
* Easy to flush and to keep clean
* Easy to install on fixed positions or reciprocators
* Fast and repeatable opening/closing time
* Easy and reliable one screw gun-to-base assembly
* Base-integrated fluid circulation
* Extended lifetime and lowest spare part consumption in this segment
* Minimal number of components reduce parts inventory
* Available with ”Click” or ”Micrometic” needle controls