Colour changing module Ecco CCM-EVO

02 augusti 2017 11:33

Ecco LP CCM Evo is the evolution of Ecco’s advanced proven low pressure Color Changer. A modular system that can be built according to customer needs, in a lightweight package, for easier
installation on robot arms. Ecco LP CCMs can be equipped with a free number of colour changing valves. Both the standard and Evo versions share the same high quality and long lasting color valves. They also share the same internal design, developed for best reliability and fastest and easiest cleaning capabilities.
The CCM can be used with or without circulation. A 60% weight saving has been reached thanks to the use of high grade light and solvent resistant materials.

Benefits obtained with Ecco CCM Evo version vs standard Stainless Steel version:
CCM2 (1 block and 2 valves) in SS=600g, CCM2-EVO=230g. We are reducing the weight with 370g !

Example: CCM4 Evo: <500g
Total weight saving for a complete set: 60%
Cost saving for a complete set >25%
New list prices have been created for this version with price per block.
Please ask your sales representative for details.

Technical data
Max paint pressure  20 bar
Recommended paint pressure 2-6 bar
Max paint flow Depends on viscosity, pressure, etc.
Recommended pilot air pressure  5-9 bar
Max air pressure for flushing/purging  20 bar
Max solvent pressure for flushing/purging  20 bar
Max operating frequency 60 cycles / min intermittent