Best configuration for leather

One of UK’s premiere leather manufacturer is looking at improving their spray line by using the advantages of Ecco 68ASH Pro-Leather (HVLP). Fluid and air are controlled by external regulators for optimal process control. Pre-tests were made at Ecco Finishing to predetermine best gun configuration for the local working conditions.

Step 1: Selecting the best nozzle for the required flow rate.
- 1.3 and 0.9 mm nozzles are tested. Both nozzles maintain the targeted 500ml/min, but too low pressure (0.5 bar) is reducing the process window with the 1.3mm nozzle. However, 1 bar on the 0.9 mm nozzle provides a safe wide process window.
Step 2: Adjusting air pressure settings.
- Atomizing pressure is set for best performance (optimal droplet particle size for best finishing and low fluid consumption - low overspray). Best pressure is found around 2 bar at setup, measured at a very low 0.5 bar inside air cap for a low 100 l/min air consumption.
- Fan air pressure is then adjusted with various air caps to select the best solution for a 25 cm pattern width at 20 cm. Both the HVLP 6509 and the revolutionary hornless T260 allowed for such a pattern width, with fan air pressures respectively of 0.5 and 0.6 bar as measured in air cap (air consumption 140 l/min for the 6509 and 80 l/min T260).
Conclusion: Ecco solutions offer great performance at extremely low air pressures, allowing for minimal material consumptions. The hornless, easy to clean T260 air cap, despite a slightly higher fan pressure, is the perfect compromise for low fluid and air consumption, excellent finishing, and a wide and safe process window.
It is noteworthy that when traditional market HVLP spray guns require 0.7 bar air pressure, and over 600 l/min of air, Ecco spray guns display excellent results at 0.5 bar (therefore lower fluid consumption) with less than half the volume of air. Thus, representing great overall savings.


Low pressure spraying methods

Spraying on leather

Leather is sprayed before it is used for various types of products, like car seats, sofas and shoes. The purpose of the treatment is to make the leather shiny, smooth and maybe also coloured, but also to protect the skin from being damaged from dirt and water. 
Both low and high pressure spraying is used in the leather industry, the method is chosen from leather quality, where airless is used for applying a thick layer of paint on low quality leather, and from the viscosity in the sprayed material. The low- or high-pressure automatic spray guns are mounted on rotating arms with one or several spray guns on each arm.

Low pressure spraying methods

The special designed automatic spray gun "Ecco 65 S Pro Leather" is compact and well suited for application on leather. Fast reaction time ensures a perfect result and low paint consumption. The fluid needle can be adjusted during operation, making it possible to adjust and control the process. For manual applications the spray guns Ecco 40S and Ecco 65S are both well suited. Low pressure pumps Ecco PN-15/25 are used for most types of material.

The Ecco air caps give high atomization and a minimum of overspray, keeping the gun clean. The spray gun is saving paint due to high transfer efficiency and the unique needle packing system gives extended service life.  Fluid parts in stainless steel makes it possible to spray all paint types. Both Ecco 60AS and Ecco65AS are service friendly, requiring only standard tools. Ecco 60/65 is easy to install.

High pressure spraying methods

High pressure spraying methods

The automatic airless spray gun Ecco 320A is perfect for applications requiring large volumes of paint. The needle valve on Ecco 320A is opened by a piston and closed by a coil spring. All components in contact with the paint are manufactured from stainless steel, and the valve seat and the sealing area around the paint needle are made in tungsten carbide. Spray tips are available for all types of applications, with pre-orifice for extra fine finish.

The highest quality of leather, used for car seats or high quality leather furniture, is sprayed in thin layers with low pressure.