Best configuration for leather

The leather is sprayed before it is used for various types of products, like car seats, furniture, clothes and shoes, luxury goods. The purpose of the treatment is to give the leather its final appearance, smoothness and color, but also to protect the skin from abrasion, or being damaged from dirt and water. Both low and high-pressure spraying is used in the leather industry, the method is chosen from leather quality, where airless is used for applying a thick layer of paint on lower quality leather, and from the viscosity in the sprayed material. The low- or high-pressure automatic spray guns are usually mounted on reciprocators or carousels with one or several spray guns on each arm.




Low pressure spraying methods

Low pressure spraying methods

Evolution of the industrial spray guns from Ecco, a range of specifically designed equipment was created: the Ecco “Pro-Leather” spray guns. Without baseplates like Ecco 60AS Pro-Leather or the HVLP Ecco 65AS Pro-Leather, or with the baseplate for easier maintenance like the Ecco 68AS Pro-Leather, this range features the best setup for leather spray lines, such as tungsten carbide needles for high durability, locators for air cap position (for easy installation after maintenance).

Ecco 65AS Pro-Leather has made its success thanks to an extreme low atomizing pressure (down to 0.4 bar in air cap) with excellent finishing results. This low pressure reduced significantly the overspray and therefore the contaminations of the skins, the booth, and a material consumption decreased by an average of 30% compared to the competition. Ecco 65AS Pro-Leather is actually not an HVLP spray gun, but an LVLP (Low Volume, Low Pressure). This preserves a very low air consumption and can be used without the need for adding compressed air compared to existing installation. Installations have shown that guns can be used without the need for any spare part at all during 5 years of intensive production (should the gun be cleaned and maintained properly and regularly).

High pressure spraying methods

High pressure spraying methods

The extreme durability of the airless Ecco 320A makes it the best of options for high-pressure spraying on leather skins (for high flow, high film thickness for instance).

The highest quality of leather, used for car seats or high quality leather furniture, is sprayed in thin layers with low pressure.