The glass industries ever increasing finishing requirement for special effects and high precision dry film thickness control in conjunction with increased fluid cost put the focus on material consumption. Implementing Ecco Finishing’s efficient solutions in areas of glass, tableware, cosmetic packaging and pharmaceutical are competitive alternatives.

Ecco’s active involvement in glass coating technologies started with cosmetic packaging. The compact and reliable Ecco 75AP made significant finishing improvements on spindle lines. High precision results were further aided by Ecco’s Paint Circulation solution and Ecco Flow Col 06AP.  

Similar solutions are applied in the pharmaceutical and tableware industry where high productivity and stability conditions are a must.

Highly loaded effect particle coatings have successfully been applied using non-needle controlled Ecco spray guns such as Ecco 40DA or Ecco 41FA. Ecco’s newest generation sprayguns, Ecco 51AS, Ecco 52AS and foremost Ecco 72AS (all Stainless Steel with circulation up to the nozzle) are now being implemented with superior results.

Finally, for tough environment, high productivity, predominately reciprocator lines, Ecco 60AS, 65AS and 68AS are ideal. For internal paining, Ecco’s nozzle extension inserted through small openings are optimal for spraying in various angles.