To spray and pump in heavy industry

Heavy industry finishing is a broad description of processes for protection and decoration. Normally high pressure airless and air assisted airless processes are used but Ecco also have low pressure solutions! 

With Ecco’s long standing history in painting large industrial equipment, a wide range of high pressure solutions are available. 

  • Reliable high-pressure pumps (Ecco Power Flow) and regulators (Ecco Power Col) supply automatic and manual sprayguns.
  • High end airless spray gun Ecco 380A and air assisted airless Ecco 380AA. 
  • Compact airless valve Ecco 320A.

Accessories are available like high pressure color changing systems, multiple valve sprayguns and nozzle extensions. Ecco also carry durable precision nozzles suitable for abrasive material. 

Other unique industrial solutions include:

Ecco 68ASP is an exceptional all-plastic automatic low-pressure spraygun specifically designed for zinc-dust coatings. Ecco 68ASP solves all issues associated with the adhesion of materials to the gun body and/or fast corrosion. Ecco 40SP is the manual version.

Ecco High Efficiency. EHE has widely been used in industries traditionally using air assisted airless solutions (truck and train coatings for instance). Here, EHE low pressure spraying solutions significantly improve the finishing quality (particularly for effect colors and clear lacquers). Reducing the material consumption vs, the best air assisted airless solutions is an added benefit.



A wide range of Ecco products are used in the general industry, the picture is showing automatic spray guns ECCO 380AA.