The environmental focus of ECCO 

We at ECCO Finishing are dedicated to assist our customers in their ongoing strive to reduce overspray and VOC impact on the environment. By installing ECCO products in the production, multiple gains from both environmental and economic standpoints are achieved. ECCO Finishing is certified according to the environmental standards ISO-14001. See our Environmental certificate according to standards ISO-14001 here >>

Sustainable products

ECCO products are made of durable, wear resistant material i.e. stainless steel, for optimal performance and life expectancy. This include the possibility of refurbishing the units (locally or at our factory) to further extend life span. This clearly sets ECCO products apart from the world of low cost “throw away” devices.

By optimizing settings on spray gun and pump, cost savings of both paint and air will be achieved as well as limiting the environmental impact. ECCO’s goal is to assist our customers with this knowledge. Information can be found in our manuals as well as on our web-site. Further assistance can also be had from our world-wide network of distributors.

The ECCO R&D department focuses on high quality sustainable products. Environmental considerations are always taken into account all the way from design, manufacturing, usage through recycling. One example of innovative thinking is ECCO’s compact spray gun design with flow optimized channels to prevent product build up as well as facilitate cleaning and minimize usage of solvents. ECCO’s cap cleaner can also be used to further improve the cleaning procedure and reduce cleaning solvent consumption.

The majority of parts in ECCO’s products are recyclable (i.e. stainless steel, aluminium and plastic). How to best separate and sort different material is clearly indicated in the product manual.


Ecco Finishing AB are committed to a social responsible supply chain that among other requirements are working together with our suppliers to ensure that our products don´t contains “Conflict Minerals” (known as ‘3TG’ – Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten and Gold) that comes directly from Conflict mines in Democratic Republic of Congo and the surrounding regions according to the “Act” (section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, called the Act), where armed conflicts results in human rights violations and environmental damage.

In order to fulfil the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) rules regarding “Conflict Minerals” and our Corporate social responsibility guidelines we work actively to ensure the health, safety and protection of people who come into contact with our products and business.