For spraying abrasive materials

Ceramic, glaze and vitreous enamels create a vast field where many processes and products are encountered.

Ecco has a long history of successes in the ceramic industry, with its heart in the Italian ceramic capital Modena, thanks to the robust design of our equipment. The superior equipment durability, the capability to spray at low pressure thanks to excellent atomization (30% lower than competition), which reduces the glaze consumption but also the spray booth contamination, and therefore the overall maintenance, have contributed to Ecco’s success.

Ecco has made itself a name as one of the most reliable solution providers for the ceramic industry.

Spraying on ceramic tiles

The use of high-grade stainless steel and tungsten carbide are allowing proven extreme durability, and therefore low part consumption, reduced production downtime, and fast return on investment, only on a spare part consumption basis. This adds to low booth maintenance and fluid consumptions for great overall savings.

On ceramic tiles, both high pressure (Ecco 320) and low pressure (needle-free Ecco 40DA, Ecco 41FA) solutions are widely spread, especially on flatbed lines where the accurate start/stop spraying sequences are not mandatory (continuous spraying or non-frequent stops).

Ecco 60AS and 65AS are then very successful with their extreme robustness and durability for lines requiring frequent spray gun open and close cycles.



Spraying on porcelain or sanitary ware

On tableware or sanitary ware, various solutions are used, on reciprocators or robot installations. From the high-end Ecco 70AS or 75AP, with extreme durability and a top class finishing level, to the cost-efficient solution Ecco 40DA, all using the same nozzles and air caps for the best results in stainless steel or tungsten carbide.

Ecco 75AP, Ecco 72AS, Ecco 40DA or Ecco 41FA are appreciated for their compacity and possibility to easily reach cavities such as water boilers.



All Ecco Manual spray guns feature the same setups and same performance as their automatic counterparts. Ecco 40S being the flagship of ceramic manual spray guns and can be used for years to provide excellent finishing and high savings. Ecco’s range of diaphragm pumps, pressure tanks, and pressure regulators offer the ideal solution for all ceramic industry needs.

An Ecco gun, equipped with tungsten carbide needle and nozzle, can spray the most abrasive and wearing materials.