Automotive industry - ECCO has the right solutions

We cover the following applications:

  • Car body robotic painting
  • Car body manual painting operations
  • Plastic components (exterior and interior) robotic painting
  • Plastic components reciprocator painting
  • Plastic components special effects
  • Cavity waxing specific applications

We offer:

  • Highest production quality
  • Best in class finishing
  • Ultimate reliability
  • Better transfer efficiency
  • Short payback time

Automatic spraying with robots and reciprocators

Automatic spraying with robots and reciprocators

To meet the ultimate requirements in terms of finishing quality, paint savings, spray gun reliability and durability, Ecco Finishing launched Ecco 70AS. This spray gun quickly earned the reputation of being the most reliable gun on the market. The unique design of complete gun, nozzle and air cap allows for improved transfer efficiency, process control and minimized downtime while providing best possible finishing quality.

Market demands in applying products in confined spaces gave birth to Ecco 75AS using the best features of Ecco 70AS in a smaller package with improved durability and even better atomizing. Regardless if it’s solvent or water-based coatings, mono or bi-component, heat or UV curing, Ecco 75AS is the answer. Return of investment upgrading to Ecco 75AS can be counted in a few months thanks to paint savings, reduced downtime and minimal spare parts usage.

To further improve the paint process and maintenance, Ecco cap and bell cleaners, color changers, flow regulators and pumps can match the setup.

Cavity waxing

Cavity waxing reaches the optimal efficiency and coverage by utilizing specially designed Ecco airless spray guns. The manual, pneumatic driven Ecco 370R airless gun, semi-automatic Ecco 570R or the automatic Ecco 320 are widely used around the globe. In combination with Ecco Power Flow pumps and high-pressure supply solutions, this combination makes the perfect solution for a successful, clean and material saving process.

Manual spray painting

Manual spraying in line production

Ecco manual spray guns, Ecco 40S (conventional) and Ecco 65S (HVLP), equipped with same nozzles and air caps as Ecco’s automatic versions provides similar benefits.

The widely used Ecco High Efficiency concept goes one step beyond, offering the best of both worlds: the productivity and finishing of conventional spraying, and the material saving of HVLP.

Combined with the 2-in-1 Ergotube, the operators now have a very flexible and light weight solution that improves efficiency and ease of usage.


Sealing applications

Sealing applications on car bodies

We offer guns for the following applications on car bodies by means of 6-axis robots:

  • Seam sealing
  • Cosmetic sealing
  • Sound deadening materials

Our Ecco 415 gun is the lightest applicator in the market and has the lowest torque requirements. This makes it possible to use smaller robots and thus minimize the cost of the total installation. The operation time between services of our applicators exceed 12 months in sealing operation.