Automotive industry - ECCO has the right solutions

We cover the following applications:

  • Automatic spraying with robots and reciprocators
  • Painting of automotive plastic components
  • Manual spraying in line production
  • Corrosion Protection in automotive industry
  • Sealing application on car bodies

We offer:

  • Highest production quality
  • Best in class finishing
  • Ultimate reliability
  • Better transfer efficiency
  • Short payback time

Automatic spraying with robots and reciprocators

Automatic spraying with robots and reciprocators

Ecco 70AS and 75AP are the most reliable guns in the world offering first class automatic air atomizer for all type of robots and reciprocators. The unique technology in design of the gun and air cap, makes it possible to improve transfer efficiency, process control, and avoid down time in production.

The rigorous control in the manufacturing of air caps ensure repetitively of spray pattern when change of air cap. The Ecco 70AS and 75AP offer reduction of paint consumption and a payback time in a few months.

The guns are compatible with water or solvent borne or UV-lacquer. A specially designed air cap cleaner can clean the air cap on the robot line, thus allowing up to 6 month maintenance free operation.

Painting of automotive plastic components

Ecco propose the same technology for spraying paint on plastic details as for spraying paint on cars, with the automatic spray guns Ecco 70AS and Ecco 75AP, or Ecco 40 and Ecco 65 for manual applications, equipped with the Ecco air caps, proven to give a consistently high quality. We offer a range of paint supply equipment specially designed for use with sensitive materials, both water and solvent based. This includes pumps, paint pressure regulators, stirrers and fittings. Ecco PSU (Paint Supply Unit) is a complete unit with all functions integrated to an easy to use and cost efficient unit. The PSU’s are available as base, clear coat, hardener (catalyst) and solvent systems.

Corrosion Protection in automotive industry – Wax and PVC

When spraying material into small and narrow cavities we propose our airless high pressure spray guns Ecco 370R or Ecco 570R which are specially adapted for spraying of rust protected materials like wax and PVC. They can be used together with Ecco Timer to achieve an accurate dosage of rust protecting material in the short spraying sequences.  The automatic spray guns Ecco 320A and 380A are also recommended for rust protection work. For the purpose of pumping a high viscosity fluid like rust protection material the Ecco Power Flow High Pressure pumps are the perfect choice.

Manual spraying in line production

Manual spraying in line production

Manual spraying is suitable for spraying primer, base and clear coat where a uniform film thickness is required. Ecco has developed a unique concept with the Ecco 40S and Ecco 65S spray gun together with the patented hose Ecco Ergotube. Ecco manual spray guns Ecco 40S and Ecco 65S give the same atomization as the automatic gun Ecco 70AS, used on robots and reciprocators. The Ecco 40S and Ecco 65S spray gun is available in a specially version for automotive usage where the spray pattern can be adjusted by only one hand.

With Ecco Ergotube, only one hose is needed to feed both paint and air to the spray gun. This means less weight and less twist torque than traditional hoses and makes the job easier for the painter. Therefor injuries for the painter in arms, hands, and shoulders because of stiff and heavy equipment can be radically reduced. Ecco Ergotube is easier to flush on the inside and to keep clean on the outside surface. The grounding wire, for reduced risk of static electricity, is incorporated in the outer air hose.

Sealing application on car bodies

Sealing applications on car bodies

We offer guns for the following applications on car bodies by means of 6-axis robots:

  • Seam sealing
  • Cosmetic sealing
  • Sound deadening materials

Our Ecco 415 gun is the lightest applicator in the market and has the lowest torque requirements. This makes it possible to use smaller robots and thus minimize the cost of the total installation. The operation time between services of our applicators exceed 12 months in sealing operation.

The car industry, which is one of the most demanding applications, are using the ECCO spray guns