The ECCO Company

Ecco Finishing AB is a manufacturer of quality products for application of liquid paint, wax, glue and sealing materials. Our experience goes back 90 years since the start of the company in 1931. We have a workforce of 26 people and our revenue is steadily growing. Ecco Finishing AB is a privately held company.

Ecco Finishing AB has a strong partnership with ABB worldwide in the sealing application as well as the finishing business.

We have a very competent staff of technical skilled people with long experience in the finishing industry who develops our products and assist customers in choosing the right product for their application. Further our manufacturing unit in Skara, Sweden occupy long time employees who posess the know-how to manufacture our high quality products.

Technical know-how and experience - since 1931

Tekniskt kunnande och erfarnhet - sedan 1931