This is a complete unit with an air assisted airless pump (Ecco Power Flow 328S-AA), regulators, hoses for paint and air and the EccoMix spray gun for best finishing and spraying capacity. The EccoMix gun gives a smooth finish and can be used in a variety of applications. The spraying method is versatile since the painter can adjust both air volume, paint pressure and spray pattern during operation.

Technical data
Pump unit Ecco Power Flow 328S-AA
Spray gun EccoMix
Spray tip 0,013" / 40°
Twin hose for paint/air 3/16" / 1/4", 10m
Weight (kg) 28,5
Description Type of assembly Ordering number
Spray Pack Ecco Power Flow 328S-T-AA 2-wheel trolley 8613 2321 39
Spray Pack Ecco Power Flow 328S-TP-AA Tripod 8613 2321 40