This Spray Pack includes a piston pump Ecco PSU A2 mounted on a bracket, a steel frame or on a lid for a 20 litre paint container. The Spray pack unit also consists of a spray gun Ecco 35 and 8m air hose and 8m paint hose.

Technical data
Paint feeding unit / pump Piston pump PSU A2
Spray gun Ecco 35
Hose 8m air hose and 8m paint hose
Type Ordering Number
Spray Pack 317 on a steel frame 8613 2311 70
Spray Pack 317L on a lid for 20 lit container 8613 2311 71
Spray Pack 317B for wall mounting 8613 2311 72
Extra equipment: Wheel set for Spray Pack 317 6004 0169 70