This Ecco Feed Spray Pack is using a 2 litre PRC pressure cup to feed the paint up to the Ecco 35 spray gun. This Spray Pack is also available with an Ecco 40S or Ecco 65S spray gun. The combination hose Ecco Ergotube, for both air and paint, is light and smooth for best ergonomics. The outer surface of the hose is made in special material preventing paint from adhering to it, making cleaning easier.

Technical data
Paint feeding unit / pump Pressure Cup PRC mini 2,0 litre
Spray gun Ecco 35
Hose Ecco Ergotube 1,5m
Type Ordering Number
Spray Pack 313E - the complete unit 8613 2311 50
Spray gun ECCO 35 8611 3548 14
Pressure cup PRC mini 2,0 lit 8622 0200 00
ECCO Ergotube hose 1,5 m 6003 9900 61