The Ecco pressure feed tanks are suitable for all sprayable material and provide safe storage. Having almost no wearing parts they are the first choice for paints with abrasive pigments. To prevent the build up of static charge all of the tanks have an earthing device.

The tanks are made of stainless steel and are standard equipped with regulator, pressure gauge, safety relief valve, re-filling port and ball valves for air and paint. All you have to do is fill the tank with paint and connect it to your air supply and spray gun. For high viscosity materials the pressure feed tanks with bottom outlet is recommended.

Stainless steel pressure tank Stirrer Volume Heigh (mm) Width (mm) Ecco Article number
PT-20S-M Manual 20 lit. 840 430 8622 0217 20
PT-20S-A w.airmotor  20 lit. 880 430 8622 0217 21
PT-20S-M Manual 40 lit. 880 500 8622 0217 40
PT-40S-A w.airmotor 40 lit. 900 500 8622 0217 41