Use the fluid pressure regulator to reduce main line pressure, remove pulsations and to maintain the desired fluid pressure to the spray guns. Ecco Power Col has a compact design and high regulation accuracy. It introduces very little shear of the paint, is reliable and requires little maintenance. All wetted parts are made in stainless steel.

Technical data
Max inlet pressure 345 bar
Regulated pressure 30-290 bar
Max flow rate 6 lit/min
Fluid inlet 3/8" BSP
Fluid outlet 3/8" BSP
Gauge port inlet 1/2" BSP
Length 300 mm / 12 "
Diameter 160 mm / 6 1/3"
Type Ordering Number
PowerCol 20S high pressure regulator (no manometer) 8623 0141 20
PowerCol 20S high pressure regulator with manometer 8623 0141 30