The paint supply unit PSU-20 has all it's functions located in the panel. This gives a clear overview of settings in a minimum of time. Are functions are located and prepared for production or cleaning/flushing settings. No risk of using wrong settings after cleaning or filling the system, just operate by a switch. All parts have been designed to reduce trapped paint pigments internally, and to reduce paint volume. Even change of filter can be done without one drip of paint spilled on external surfaces.

One pump for all needs in low pressure systems for paint feeding, local or central. Suitable for all type of primer-, base-, clear coat and catalysts. The same type of panel with stand is used for the different systems. which gives an easy installation and makes it easy to keep clean during operation. All parts in the stand and paint system are made in stainless steel for optimal function. The whole design gives a very low sound-level and operative cost, often reduced by 50% or more.
The unit is user friendly, easy to install and service. The operator has all information clearly displayed and labelled and all service can be done rapidly on the functional parts without any risk of splashing paint or solvent.


Article No. 

Ecco PSU for base/clear coat system (with propeller stirrer)  6004 0163 70
Ecco PSU-20 for base/clear coat system (with disc stirrer) 6004 0163 71
EccoPSU-20 for solvent system (with disc stirrer) 6004 0163 80