Ecco Power Flow 214S is particularly suitable for craftsmen as an additional unit and for industrial painting jobs. The Ecco 214S qualifies for the machine building, wood furniture, steel and vehicle industries. It is suitable for anyone who uses a variety of painting materials. The pump also qualifies for manual and automated installations feeding one or more spray guns. These Ecco Power Flow pumps can be delivered bare, on a tripod, on a trolley or on a wall bracket.

Technical data
Pressure Ratio 14:1
Max spray volume (cc/min) 1200
Capacity (cc/double stroke) 40
Paint connection, suction/pressure 3/4" and 1/4"-18
Max air inlet pressure, bar (psi) 6 (57)
Max air consumption (lit/min) 250
Max output pressure (Bar/Psi) 84 (1218)
Pump type Type of assembly Ordering Number Weight
214S-AA Bare pump 8621 0714 00 15 kg
214S-TP-AA Tripod 8621 0714 10 18 kg
214S-T-AA Trolley 8621 0714 15 25 kg
214S-B-AA Bracket for wall 8621 0714 20 18 kg