The air powered airless pump Ecco Power Flow 1275S is designed to withstand the toughest working conditions as can be found at shipyards, steel construction plants, freight car manufacturing plants or bridge building sites. Ecco Power Flow 1275A is delivered in various versions. Hydraulic pressure up to 450 bar corresponds to relative transfer volume up to 210 cc/cycle so that even with several spray guns and long material hoses considerable high spray pressure can be obtained. Ecco Power Flow 1275S pumps are in stainless steel 410. The pump is also available as stationary units for wall mounting.

Technical data
Pressure Ratio 75:1
Max spray volume (cc/min) 5500
Capacity (cc/double stroke) 210
Paint connection, suction/pressure 1" and 1/4"-18
Max air inlet pressure, bar (psi) 6 (57)
Volume/ Cycle (ml) 210
Max air consumption (lit/min) 2600
Air inlet connection Bare pump: non /Bracket: 1" claw coupling
Max output pressure (Bar/Psi) 450 (6627)
Pump type Type of assembly Ordering Number Weight
1275S-A Bare pump 8621 0726 00 73 kg
1275S-T-A Trolley 8621 0726 15 82 kg