Ecco Flow PN15 is a lubrication free diaphragm pump with non freeze and non stalling air system. The pump has modular design, is easy to maintain and has high air efficiency. The PN15 is a light polypropylene pump (only 4.1 kg) with PTFE diaphragms, suitable for fluids in temperature range 0-66°C.

Technical data
Pressure Ratio 1:1
Capacity lit/min 0-64
Inlet air pressure min/max (bar) 1,3-8,2
Air consumption at 8 bar (lit/min) 0-565 approx
Self-priming Yes
Dry lift capacity at 6,8 bar 4,5
Size of max pumpable particles (mm) 3,2mm
Air inlet G 1/4 external
Fluid inlet G 1/2" internal
Fluid outlet G 1/2" internal
Adjustable fluid connections Yes
Weight (kg) 4,1
Housing material PP
Diaphragm material wet/dry side PTFE/Geolast
Sealing rings Nitril
Type Ordering Number
Diaphragm pump Ecco Flow PN15 8621 0310 01