Ecco Flow M2P is a small and handy pump, designed for transfering all type of fluids, both solvents, paint and abrasive fluids. The pump is designed to pump all fluids that need to be transferred, and is therefore suitable in all typs of industries. It has a low weight and small dimensions, making it easy to handle and easy to install. Ecco Flow M2P can be driven against closed valve to a standstill without being damaged. This feature can also be utilized as a remote control as it makes the pump start and stop without manual attention when the valve is opened or closed.

"Ecco Flow Transfer Pack" (Ord. No 8621 0110 54) is a complete package, consisting of the pump, a suction tube for 200 lit std barrel, air valve, 5m air hose and 3m fluid hose. Earting device and throttle valve are accessories.


Article Number 

Ecco Flow M2P 18B   8621 0111 57
Transfer Pack, complete with pump M2P 18B 8621 0110 54


Pressure ratio 1:2
Capacity (with water) 40 liter per minut
Max work pressure air 7,5 bar
Air consumption at 6 bar 0-200 liter per minut
Connection air G 1/4 utv.
Fluid inlet G 1 inv.
Fluid outlet G 1/2 inv.
Weight 1,2 kg
Material piston rod Hard cromed stainless steel
Material piston rod packing Teflon
Cylinder Nitride harded stainless steel
Material pump housing Glas-fibre reinforced polyamide