Ecco 68ASP is especially developed for spraying of zinc dust coatings, and to solve all issues generated by the adhesion of the material to the spray gun parts.
In this spray gun, the sprayed material never comes in contact with the metallic parts. Ecco 68ASP is therefore suitable for all corrosive material which normally is
damaging the metal body and reducing production time and spray gun life time.

• All wet parts in plastic material to prevent the fluid from adhering to the surface or corrode it
• Retaining ring in plastic to make cleaning possible
• Stable, accurate and highly durable
• Proven long life time on all components
• Low weight

Technical data  
Fluid nozzle diam 1,3-2,7 mm
Air connection Ø 10/8 och 8/6mm
Air consumption max 900 lit/min
Fluid connection 1/4"
Max size (w x h x l) 75 x 75 x 130mm
Weight (gun+base plate) 437 g


Ord. No.
Spray gun Ecco 68AS ProZinc incl. Fluid nozzle P1,3 and air cap P6527 - with base plate   8611 6169 90
Spray gun Ecco 68AS ProZinc incl. Fluid nozzle P1,3 and air cap P6527- without base plate   6004 0347 60
Baseplate / manifold for Ecco 68AS ProZinc 6004 0347 80
Serviceset for Ecco 68AS ProZinc (with o-rings made of NBR) 6004 0347 95