In continuation of Ecco Finishing’s tradition of highest material and design standards, we are proud to introduce the low weight, all stainless steel automatic spray gun Ecco 51 AS! With a weight of around 300g and a length of 10 cm, it’s truly a compact gun. Besides being the most compact and lightest needle operated stainless steel gun ever designed by Ecco, it is also the most cost effective!
The outstanding performance/value ratio is a further sign of Ecco’s innovative approach. Examples of applications: Precision Industry (plastics) and general industry.

• Extremely compact and lightweight
• Ecco’s advanced air caps and fluid nozzle design
• Easy to flush and to keep clean
• Easy to install on fixed positions or reciprocators
• Fast and repeatable opening/closing time
• Extended lifetime and lowest spare part consumption in this segment
• Minimal number of components reduce parts inventory

Technical data
Size with air cap (excl. connectors) L=95mm, Ø 41mm
Body material Stainless Steel
Fluid nozzle Stainless steel or Tungsten carbide
Air cap Aluminium with special surface treatment
Needle Ø 4mm Stainless steel
Sealings PE / UHMV
Weight only 300 g


  Fluid nozzle Ø Air cap Article No.
Automatic spray gun Ecco 51AS* 1.8 mm T272 8611 6151 11
Automatis spray gun Ecco 51AS* G 0.9 mm 6509 8611 6151 12
Automatis spray gun Ecco 51AS* F 0.6 mm T260 8611 6151 13
Automatic spray gun Ecco 51AS* 0.3 mm 6509 8611 6151 14
*More versions available on request!      
Service set      6004 0355 70
Click Needle stroke Control (CNC)     6004 0176 45
Micrometric Needle stroke Control (MNC)     6004 0355 15