The ECCO 415 is the newest generation of sealing applicators from Ecco Finishing AB. It is designed for seam sealing, under body sealing/spray (UBS) and liquid applied sound deadening (LASD). Compact design and low weight (less than 4kg) make it very versatile and easy to use in confined spaces.

  • Single or dual material can be applied with the same unit
  • Optional material circulation
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Integrated pressure sensor
  • Nozzle head with a wide range of nozzle and slot angles
  • Aluminum or stainless steel versions (for water based material)
  • Can be insulated for optimal temperature control
  • Easy adaptation to different robots
  • Maintenance friendly with no internal electronics
  • Plug and play replacement for earlier Ecco applicators (400/410)
For cosmetic (hem) sealing, Ecco 470 is recommended.