ECCO 370

Ecco 370 airless spray gun is suitable for cold as well as hot spraying of all fluids. The spray gun is extremely easy to operate thanks to the servo operated paint needle which is activated by the trigger. The fast shut off action of the paint needle also decreases the risk of drip in the beginning and in the end of the painting cycle. The 370 gun is equipped with an external paint pipe which also serves as a trigger guard. The gun body is short and is therefore useful in confined spaces where other spray guns have difficulties working.

All parts in contact with the paint are made in stainless steel. Valve seat and paint needle are made in tungsten carbide for long durability. The gun suits both left- and right handed painters. For best ergonomics the airless hose Ecco Ergotube HP is recommended.

Note! No spray tip is included when ordering the gun. See separate ordering number.

Technical data
Max paint pressure 360 bar
Min / max operating pressure 6/8 bar
Paint connection 1/4" 18NPSM male
Operating air connector G 1/4
Connection for spray tip retaining ring M 18 X 1
Type Ordering Number
Ecco 370 - the basic servo assisted gun 8611 4170 05
Ecco 370R - suits control systems requiring 3/2 valve 8611 4170 50
Ecco 370R - suits the Ecco timer P requiring 2/2 valve 8611 4170 51