The Ecco Blast units for open-air work are designed to be safe and yet retain their efficiency. Operator safety, high production rate and reliability characterize every Ecco Blast unit. The Ecco BRC Blast units are approved according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC) for 10.5 bar working pressure. They give a 20% higher capacity and shorter blasting time than at working pressure of 7 bar. Remote-control device with dead-man's handle and twin hose is supplied as standard on all blast units of the BRC type.

The Ecco Blast units are available in various sizes and all are equipped with adjustable abrasive metering valves for all common types of abrasive.
Since these units are easy to move around, they are very suitable at worksites such as for instance road-work, maintenance of bridges and larger steel constructions.

Ordering No. Max. working pressure Container volume Weight Height including strainer Width (excl. handles)
8615 0132 21 10.5 bar 205 lit 194 kg 1430 mm 830 mm