ECCO BASE is available in several versions, all with different features and adjustments to control the spraying process. This gives a flexibility to choose the correct control level for each unique application. The same gun type is used for all manifolds, therefore spare guns can easy be kept on stock.The gun itself is robust and simple, and all settings are placed in the base plate. Once you have optimized the settings you can keep those, also after changing the gun for maintenance. You get a stable and precise spraying result every time.

Base plate type Ord. No.
ECCO BASE B ”BASIC” – without control  6004 0348 61
ECCO BASE A “AIR” – with fan air control 6004 0348 62
ECCO BASE F “FLUID” – with control of fluid/material 6004 0348 63
ECCO BASE AF “AIR+FLUID” – with control of air and fluid 6004 0348 64
ECCO BASE AFC – with control of air+fluid, and with circulation 6004 0348 65
ECCO BASE AC – “AIR+CIRC” – with fan air control and circulation 6004 0348 66
ECCO BASE 3C - Compact design without control 6004 0349 02