• Finishing and Sealing solutions
    Finishing and Sealing solutions for industrial applications.
  • Automotive Industry
    Solutions for industrial spray painting and sealing.
  • Spraying on leather
    Spray guns for industrial finishing of leather.
  • Quality since 1931
    Best materials to ensure authentic Swedish quality.
  • E35 Carbon Fibre Edition
  • Ecco 65S Special Edition
    Ecco 65S Special Edition
  • Ecco 40S Special Edition

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Products for application of liquid paint, wax, glue and sealing material

Ecco Finishing is your complete supplier of Finishing and Sealing solutions in applications ranging from automotive, industrial, cosmetic to leather and wood.

Ecco supply pumps as well as spray guns for manual or automatic installations. In addition, we manufacture our own high quality fluid nozzles, needles and air caps.

The ECCO products are sold all over the world through Ecco distributors and agents. Find your closest ECCO dealer >>>.

Latest News

New swirl nozzle

02 november 2016
The ECCO swirl nozzle improves the atomization, making it possible to spray at lower pressure, and therefore reducing both overspray and material consumption.

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Ecco micro dispenser solution

27 oktober 2016
MD10 is the new ECCO dispenser for extruding of glue.

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